Our Tree-D Textured Panels are fabricated of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) sheets from recycled & reclaimed wood materials of high quality inland species of Western Softwoods.  In respect to the sustainable nature of our products, we only utilize products free of formaldehyde & abide to California’s strict CARB Phase 2 air standards.  The homogeneous core of MDF provides for a uniform, dense sustainable core with low abrasive content, which is ideal for custom cut fabrication, sanding & easy installation.  Meanwhile the light color of softwoods accepts a variety of finishes to capture the intended color and design planned. 


All Tree-D Textured Panels come in 48” x 96” x ¾” thickness or 32 square feet per MDF panel.  ¾” thickness refers to sheet depth prior tooling & can vary in edge thickness after the pattern is carved.  Please note that thickness impacts the depth and look of the tooling pattern so a minimum thickness is required for each design and not all patterns can be made in any thickness.  When installing, please also consider the overall weight per panel is 60 lbs each unit/sheet. ​


All patterns are computer designed and tooled for a seamless flow from one panel to another. Patterns can be installed as vertical or horizontal as per orientation of Client’s particular space.  The repeating seamless pattern panel designs are easily integrated with adjacent panel units and are only available in sizes 4’x8’.


All Tree-D Textured Panels are supplied in sanded & unfinished state to allow for custom priming & painted finishes to be done by Clients onsite to match their room application. For these custom tooled patterns and designs to achieve a seamless finished installation, panels cannot be pre-painted prior installation. Raw sanded MDF can be primed & painted to conceal product seams or screwed-in installation by acting as a feasible substrate that can be easily filled, sanded and finished painted onsite. ​