Tree-D Textured Panels are easily installed.  There are 2 simple methods of installation, which require no special hardware:

METHOD 1 - Direct Screw Attachment

Raw or unfinished panels may be screwed directly to the wall (studs), ensuring there is adequate support.  Next, the screw holes can be puttied, sanded and then painted.  We recommend an MDF primer followed by 2 coats of acrylic paint.  To achieve the best finish, sand the panels between each coat of paint and follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.  Before attaching, ensure that each panel is the right way up and check that the pattern will align when they are mounted to the wall.

Direct Screw Attachment

METHOD 2 - French Wood Cleat

French Cleat consists of two pieces of wood, each with a bevel cut on one edge where one piece is mounted to the wall (secured to the studs) and the other piece is mounted to the back of the item being hung on the wall.  One piece will be mounted to the back of the panel to be hung.  The piece will be oriented so that the angle faces down and the longer part of the angle faces out.  The other piece will be mounted to the wall and secured to the studs with the angle facing up, and the longer edge of the angle facing out. Ensure both pieces are level and straight!  To hang the heavy item, “stack” the cleat on the item being hung over the cleat mounted to the wall.  The panel should be now securely hung on the wall.

French Wood Cleat

METHOD 3 - Specialty Hardware Fastners

Upon special request, specialty hardware fasteners are available.

Specialty Hardware Fastners