To quell our artistic natures within our personal areas, our Tree-D Textured Panels encourages interior design as a unique balance of function, rational, color, depth and individual style. Our range of patterns builds upon a basic catalog of offerings to meet different budgets. The selection of patterns can create decorative accents to contrast or mellow the overall features of any rooms.  We offer our deep embossed wood panels in different patterns, formats, and finishes:


Our most cost effective option ranges from structural elements of sweeping lines or bold symmetrical patterns.


Inspired by more complex organic & structural elements, this particular line exhibits a higher level of intricacy & craftsmanship.  As part of our premium collection, these far more unique patterns are most costly than our stock patterns & production is only initiated upon Client order.


To brighten ordinary functional pieces, we offer a cut-to-size door program in 4 different patterns with a wide selection of finishes.  Our clients can provide their selection of patterns, finishes and sizes for accent doors.  We then maximize the contours of any pattern to flow among adjacent pieces to create that seamless design.


With distinct room dimensions, our Clients may sometimes request for customized patterns to fully integrate a particular design.  We offer this premium option to either adjust our current catalog of material to any particular design or to create a wholly unique piece from Clients artistic inspirations.


In order to harness trends of open concept floorplans, many areas need to be defined but not enclosed by blank framed walls.  We offer our Clients a creative alternative to designate areas within open floorplans with area partitions as room dividers.  As a result, space is not sacrificed and area design is not boxed in.  In the end, open spaces are effectively created with this simple application.


Enhancing any textured surface, Thermafoil finishes create durable surfaces that appear consistent, smoother & far superior than painted doors.  We've created an option for custom cut-to-size door parts to compliment any project.